Fact Sheets & FAQs

 01 What does RIJ do?

 02 How long has RIJ been operating?

 03 Is RIJ independent?

 04 Who works for RIJ?

 05 How much money does RIJ raise?

 06 How much of the money raised goes directly to support refugees?

 07 How much money does RIJ give to individual projects?

 08 Does RIJ support individuals?

 09 Does RIJ support asylum seekers?

 10 How does RIJ keep operating costs so low?

 11 What criteria does RIJ have for deciding which refugee projects will receive funding?

 12 What kind of support do RIJ-funded projects provide for refugees and IDPs?

 13 In which parts of the world does RIJ support projects?

 14 How does RIJ ensure that donated funds are being spent as intended?

 15 Does RIJ run any projects in the field?