The Great Bluff

Whether it is the Great Wine Bluff, the Great Beer Bluff or the Great Whisky Bluff, you will have a fun and relaxed evening

You will get to taste a number of special wines (both red and white), beers or whisky and each one is paired with three different stories from our esteemed panel.

Now only one of these is for real.

In your groups you pit your palettes and lie detection abilities against the panel to determine the truth, thus uncovering the bluffs and the buffs.

The next Bluff will be The Great Beer Bluff scheduled for 11 May 2017 at Brewdog Roppongi.
Can you tell the buffs from the bluffs?


The Great Whisky Bluff
Saturday 23 April 2016

An interesting approach to whisky tasting. Guests sampled a selection of whiskies each paired with one true story and two bluffs.
Generously sponsored by Whisk-e, the participants had a great time working out the truth. One team went from 0 in the first two rounds, to come out near top after the 4th round! Anything can happen......

Hosted by Le Cordon Bleu 

The Great Wine Bluff
Friday 4 December 2015
Sponsored by MHD, The Vine, Asahi
10 teams participated in yet another fun evening of high spirits and low lies!

The Great Beer Bluff

Thursday 16 April 2015

Sponsored by BrewDog 

The Great Beer Bluff was huge fun!
10 teams battled it out to be crowned top brewDog…with team UBeerS just taking it.


We raised ¥350,000 for Refugees International Japan which will cover a year’s education for around 70 Syrian refugee children.


It wouldn’t have been possible without our generous sponsors:

- BrewDog: The Roppongi bar boasts twenty taps pouring the tastiest European and Japanese craft beer (

- Chandon: The perfect sparkling wine for the fast approaching summer season (

- Beer Cats: Importer of hand selected beers from the US (

- Ikon Europubs: Bringer of the world’s finest beer and cider brands to Japan (…)

Also thanks to the raffle sponsors: Walk Japan; Elana Jade; Club 360; Folli Follie; Cath Kidson; and Lush.


The Great Wine Bluff 
24 October 2014

Over 100 guests battled the panel to find who was bluffing and who was telling the truth. It was an evening of deception and huge enjoyment.

The event was hosted by Le Cordon Bleu who provided a great Lebanese menu.

Entry donation covered welcome drinks, food plate and wines for tasting.

Wines generously provided by Chandon, Jeroboam, Dis Export and Village Cellars.