Project Funding and Program Visits

Refugees International Japan provides funding to community-based groups supporting people as they rebuild their lives and work towards returning home and establishing peaceful communities. Projects funded are run by experienced groups in the refugee and IDP community. We ensure that support reaches groups swiftly and efficiently.

"The most important thing for a refugee is dignity." Tin Win Akbar, Burmese man living in Japan

RIJ asks the following key questions to assess potential projects based on how closely they adhere to these values.

Who is empowered by this project?

Can this project be maintained in the long term?

Does it treat beneficiaries equally and fairly?

When you donate to RIJ, you support projects that do more than provide quick, temporary aid. Proceeds from our donors also serve the impor­tant function of providing refugees with an opportunity to improve both their own lives and those of others in their community.

A complex funding well set up for displaced people is clearly benefi­cial for them in the short term, but further issues must be considered regarding the sustainability of a project. For example, who will main­tain it without a constant source of funding, or what if it breaks down without anyone to fix it? It is for this reason that RIJ looks to fund pro­jects that not only benefit refugees, but also empower them—not just for the short term.

For RIJ, empowering people means giving them an opportunity to improve their lives and restore their human dignity. In this way, all our projects are designed to help beneficiaries displaced by conflict rediscover their strengths and abilities. When given the chance, people can do extraordinary things. Projects that empower their beneficiaries enable those people to take control of their lives, and they are more effective in the long term. In this way, refugee communities can not only improve the lives of their inhabitants, but those of future generations as well.