The RIJ Refugee Experience

Can we really understand what refugees experience?

Losing family, friends, home, livelihoods and fleeing to a place where you are less than welcome.

We all hope we never experience this but we can try to understand.

RIJ’s Refugee Experience programme will feature three activities that we can experience as we try to understand.

This is an opportunity to empathise with refugees, raise awareness, and support RIJ-funded projects.

24-hour Fast

The RIJ 24-hour Fast is scheduled from 18.00 JST on Thursday 13 October to 18.00 JST on Friday 14 October.

Treat yourself to a new experience!

We all love eating – find out what it feels like to go without.

Record your feelings through the 24 hours - the highs and the lows - the energy levels - the mood swings - and share your stories with the hashtag #RIJ24hourfast.

You never know – you may enjoy it…..
Go to: and get started NOW!

Literally, break your fast from 18.00 on 14 October with an evening get together where we can discuss our experience over a bowl of cereal or two. You are all invited to our ’break-fast’ gathering, sponsored by Alishan Organic Center.

Party Room, La Tour Daikanyama, 13-1 Uguisudanicho, Shibuya 150-0032

Music by DJ and RIJ ambassador, Guy Perryman.

The Walk Experience

We often complain about how far we walk – be it to and from the station or bus stop, or out shopping for those things we love.

Refugees have to walk for hours and days with no idea when they will reach safety.

For the RIJ Walk Experience, record your kilometres and enter them into a charity miles scheme to raise funds for RIJ.

We’ll compare our distances with those walked by refugees.

Sports and Play Experience

Most of us love to play, whether in competitive sporting events or just for amusement.

Refugees looking for some normality in their lives will improvise and entertain themselves through sports and play.

Join us for a sports day without equipment and see how resourceful we can be in creating entertainment for ourselves.