Marathons and Races

While waiting for the next Loop Relay, you can earn miles for charity by signing up to the Charity Miles app at NO cost to you.

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Get Yourself Sponsored and Stay

The next Loop Relay is scheduled for 12 November 2017.

Teams of three will compete in a two-hour relay run.

Each team runs around the 5km loop for two hours and the team that completes the most laps is the winner.

Preregistration: minimum donation of ¥10,000 for team of three. 

Race day registration: minimum donation of ¥12,000 for team of three.

Company sponsorship donation: +¥30,000

To register, contact us at:

Palace Loop Relay - Sunday 24 April 2016

There were 10 teams competing in perfect running weather. The winners completed 7 loops in just over 2 hours. Congratulations to Team Mark!

The challenge is still open to beat Latham and Watkins’ great fund-raising in November 2013.

On Sunday 17 November 2013 teams battled for the championship in the Palace Loop Relay.
A very special thanks to the Relay’s other champion, Latham & Watkins, for raising the most money from sponsors.

The 200,000 yen raised by the Latham & Watkins team will go a long way to help support refugees around the world. Thank you Latham & Watkins!

Remember your support can go a long way to improving life for refugee families:

¥100 for a 4kg bag of seeds

¥350 for a mosquito net

¥1,000 for a water sterilizer

¥2,000 for a mother and baby kit

¥4,000 for a complete set of school books